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Your public meetings become an “AgendaStream” presenting video and agenda, with precisely chosen jump-to points in the video. This gives staff far greater efficiency creating Minutes, and your residents far more convenience viewing your Meetings. Public Benefit Technology LLC was created in 2004 to provide advanced streaming technology to public agencies at affordable pricing. Clients soon shortened our name to 'PBTech'.

By 2005, PBTech had pioneered “Software-as-a-Service” and had already launched functionality “in the Cloud”, beating other streaming services from the outset by several years. Clients use PBTech tools Online, and never have to purchase and install software or await upgrades. Our “AgendaStream” Meetings stream globally and reliably from “the cloud” at lowest cost, trouble-free, on the city’s website. Choose the company with proven know-how, and a reputation for personal Customer Service and reliability since 2004.

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