What We Do

Public Meetings: Better on the Web

What we Do / Who We Are
We provide you a solution that just works. Your Agenda, its links, the video, its jump-to points all functioning interactively.

Staff needs Replay and a head-start on the Minutes
PBTech’s AgendaStream solution benefits both Staff and the public. Staff can make faster more accurate decisions after the meeting, supported by our proprietary PBTech’Client Tools online. These tools also begin the Minutes-preparation process immediately after the meeting.

Flexible, nimble, up-to-date
Yes, streaming video IS the fastest changing inidustry. We make sure that the industry is helping you as it rapidly changes. And we keep you up-to-date.

After the Meeting…
Ask us about our MinutesStream solution, and see Minutes made easy.

We don’t lock you into corporate modules or one-size-fits all.
Your preferences shape the end-result that you publish on your website.

We answer to you personally.
We are a privately held company; the principals are technically-skilled professionals. We can be held accountable. Your meetings are important to us. We’ve been meeting expectations successfully since 2004.